Monday, October 13, 2014

Coventry Bike Path Repeat

Coventry Bike Path Repeat by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

One month later and I wanted to see how much more work was completed, if any.

Gates were taken down here and the rails look completed. Will it get paved this year?

Just about all the fencing has been erected but only the binder coat of pavement.

This was the bridge where I had to stop the last time I did this ride. Now we were able to walk over it and continue on the last couple of miles to the end.

Going under RT 102.

All this nice green grass was dirt the last time I rode here. I don't think they will get anymore paving done this year, with the colder weather coming, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to give this a try in a couple of weeks. I was going to do the Cape Caper on Sunday but slept in. It was my friend Jim Beam's fault.

Paul said...

John, the later you wait the better, more of a chance the dirt sections get paved. My riding buddy hiked a couple of the last 5 miles to the CT border the other day and said they are working on the last few bridges. Bids don't go out until 2016 for that last section.

Paul G said...

The final layer of pavement is almost complete as of 10/20/14. There are no more sections with dirt. Lots of benches and trees have also been added. The bridge in the sixth picture is now complete and has a layer of pavement over it. The path is supposed to be done by Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if it will be officially open by then though since the town has to go through and approve the work that was done. That's why the section of the Coventry Greenway that was redone 2 years ago still isn't open to the public. I heard the construction for last 5 miles of undeveloped trail has gone out to bid and construction should hopefully begin in the spring of 2015. I'll have to contact the towns recreation director just to double check. Yesterday I went down the undeveloped path up to route 14A in CT. There's only one section that's tough to ride on but the rest is great. There's also one really cool trestle bridge that you have to walk over on a narrow beam.

Paul said...

Thanks for the update Paul.