Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rehoboth/Providence Ride

Rehoboth/Providence Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

Crossing the Henderson bridge, into Providence.

Today I had a mission, I plan on taking my mother to a Waterfire  event in Providence in a couple of weeks, so I needed to scope out the city. I've been to a half dozen of them, but never noticed how wheelchair accessible it is. She'll be 91 this month and there's no way she could do it with her walker, so we'll be using her wheelchair.

There's a Waterfire tonight, so I was able to see them setting up for it.

When I took this picture, I didn't notice the State House in the background.

This is the Waterfire basin, one of the best spots to see it.

I'm planning on bringing my mother through this tunnel and she should have a great view.

Providence Place Mall.

This leads to the tunnel, luckily there are wheelchair ramps on each side.

Here's a view of the tunnel, I can't wait to see how the wheelchair will roll on cobble stones.

Two views of the basin.

These piers in the water are all that's left of the old RT 195 bridge, it will soon become a bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists.

India Point park.