Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Ride

I had to get you're attention somehow. I was just going over my riding stats and realized I hit my 100th ride of the year last night.

Here It Comes

The storm is just about ready to hit us and it looks like we will get all snow. Now I wonder just how much?

Go Pats

Another big game for the Patriots this Sunday. They need to keep winning to have a chance at one of the Wild Card spots.

Total Miles Update

I'm getting close to my 3000 mile goal, but this weekend is going to be a killer with the two storms that are going to hit us. My only chance is I have about eight days off coming up and I'll have to get rides in during that time. 83 miles to go.

Thursday Night EBBP Ride

We're on our way, lighting up the darkness.
This house was right on the path, I had to stop and take a picture of it.

Dave getting ready.

Ted and Jeff ready to go.

We had a great ride last night. Eight of us showed up to get a last ride in before the storm hits Friday. The path was clear with no ice from all the rain we got the other night. We ended up with 29 miles for the night.