Friday, September 25, 2009

Brandeis Beats Gordon 2-0

Tiffany was getting fouled all through the game, but no calls.

Pre game ceremony.

Tiffany's corner kicks have been right on net.

Start of the second half.

This game should have been about 8-0, Gordon's goalie made a lot of great saves. Brandeis is looking strong. Click on the link to read all about the game.

NHRA Full Throttle Series

This weekend is the next stop on the NHRA Full Throttle series. It takes place in Texas. Check it out on ESPN2 this weekend.

South County Ride With John

We thought they were going to get on the ferry, but some of them caught up to us later.

This cycling tour van was unloading at Point Judith.

The ferry to Block Island.

South County bike path.

Cutting through URI.

John & I had the day off yesterday so we decided to get a ride in. I had to be back to the car at 11:30 so I could make Tiffany's soccer game later. John came up with a route and he had me back in time with 46.5 miles completed.