Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On Vacation

Today's my last day at work, I won't be back until the 5th on January. I'm not going anywhere, just chillin and getting stuff done. Maybe a bike ride or two if the weather cooperates.

Another Must Win

The Patriots need to continue their winning ways and hope that the Jets can beat Miami or the Jags can beat the Ravens to clinch a playoff birth.

Merry Christmas

I have a very busy schedule coming up for the holiday. Christmas Eve I'll start out at Barbara's fathers house with their family, then head up to my niece's house to spend the evening with my family. Christmas morning I'll be a my daughters house to spend some time with my son Thomas, his girlfriend Brandi, my daughter Jennifer and her husband Jay. Then it's off to Barbara's for the rest of the day with her family.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Snowed Out Sunday Club Ride

With another club ride cancelled it's looking pretty dim right now as to whether I'll be able to reach my goal of 3000 miles for the year. There's only 9 days left and some of them will be taking up with family functions.

Patriots Smoke The Cardinals

The Patriots playoff hopes remain alive with their victory over Arizona yesterday. The Jets also lost so that helps out too.

Digging Out

We got hit pretty good this weekend, one storm after another. I ended up with a foot of snow at my house but it was the dry, light snow so the shoveling wasn't too bad.

Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Ride

I had to get you're attention somehow. I was just going over my riding stats and realized I hit my 100th ride of the year last night.

Here It Comes

The storm is just about ready to hit us and it looks like we will get all snow. Now I wonder just how much?

Go Pats

Another big game for the Patriots this Sunday. They need to keep winning to have a chance at one of the Wild Card spots.

Total Miles Update

I'm getting close to my 3000 mile goal, but this weekend is going to be a killer with the two storms that are going to hit us. My only chance is I have about eight days off coming up and I'll have to get rides in during that time. 83 miles to go.

Thursday Night EBBP Ride

We're on our way, lighting up the darkness.
This house was right on the path, I had to stop and take a picture of it.

Dave getting ready.

Ted and Jeff ready to go.

We had a great ride last night. Eight of us showed up to get a last ride in before the storm hits Friday. The path was clear with no ice from all the rain we got the other night. We ended up with 29 miles for the night.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The weather experts are calling for a big storm here tomorrow, up to a foot! We'll see. If it does happen, Sunday's club ride may not go off, bummer. The weather certainly isn't cooperating with me to get my 3000 miles in before the end of the year.

American Legion Post 79 Christmas Dinner

We took up a full table all by ourselves.

Last night we joined Barbara's dad at the Vineyard in South Attleboro, for his Posts annual Christmas dinner. There were about 30 of us there to enjoy a great dinner.

Day Two Of Baking

Tiffany mixing up a batch of cookie dough.
Bella waiting for scraps to fall on the floor.

Tiffany and I continued our baking Tuesday night while Bella waited anxiously for any scraps or falling morsels.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Baking Time

Don't they look good?

Cookie cutter madness, Tiffany was like a machine.

Last night Tiffany and I got started baking cookies. We decided on gingerbread and oatmeal/chocolate chip for starters and we'll bake others as the week goes on. Tiffany did a great job and we even got Barbara to give her a hand decorating the gingerbread cookies at the end of the evening.

Firefighter Tim

Honor Guard in ST. Patrick's Day Parade.
Tim in his dress blues.

One of Tim's first live burns up at Franklin Pierce.

Tim with the ball in one of the games for Franklin Pierce.

Tim's been busy over the last two years. During the summer between his sophomore and junior year at Franklin Pierce he had to make a tough decision. He had to decide on whether to continue his commitment to the soccer team or take one of the openings for training to become a Firefighter with the City of Pawtucket. He couldn't do both, the fire training conflicted with soccer training camp and his coach wouldn't give him any slack on showing up late. It wasn't an easy decision for Tim, but he looked at the big picture and knew that he would have to leave soccer behind. Fast forward to this year, Tim's completed all of his training, EMT classes, will graduate from Franklin Pierce with his classmates next year and has been sworn in and on the City of Pawtucket Fire Dept. A lot of young men his age wouldn't have been able to handle the work load Tim put on himself, but Tim will be the first to tell you that it was all worth it.We're all very proud of Tim and all the hard work and dedication he's put forth over the last couple of years.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Westport/Dartmouth Sunday Club Ride

The morning started out sunny when I left the lot at 9:45. That only lasted about an hour before the clouds started moving in and I no longer had the rays of the sun keeping me comfortable. There were plenty of ice patches on the roads and I had to dismount once and walk around one patch that covered the whole road. I didn't feel good during this ride, I've had a leg bothering me for the last couple of weeks and I didn't seem to have any strength in my legs at all when climbing. It was a relatively flat ride but it still took me three hours to complete the 33 mile loop. Pitiful, I only averaged 11 mph.

Tiffany's Home,Trimming The Tree

Tiffany came home Friday night for semester break, she'll be home for almost a month. Saturday morning, Barbara and Tiffany went out and bought a Christmas tree, real of course, the only way to go. They then did an outstanding job decorating it later in the day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Night EBBP Ride Rainout

We have another rain out for tonight's ride. Just as well, I have a sore leg that I hurt during last Thursdays ride. I could use the break from hammering for 29 miles. Hopefully it will be better next week?

Sunset Getting Later

I was just informed by a member of my bike club, that sunset will be a little later now everyday. Yippee, it won't be long before I'm getting night rides in before it gets dark.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1969 Z28 Camaro

My best friend Dennis, bought this car around 1974, I think. It was a real killer and not too many cars could touch it in a drag race. It sat in storage for along time until Dennis decided to have it restored last year. It looks like it will be completed around April of 2009 and I can't wait to see it completed. We have alot of fond memories from back in the 70's, driving around in that beauty.