Monday, July 6, 2009

My First Dog Bite Riding

This is what it looks like after I got home and cleaned it up.
This is right after I got bit.

The house that the dog lives at.

With all the dogs I've had chase me, I'm not surprised I finally got my first bite. He was a sneaky brown Lab that was staying in his yard running along with me. I made it past his yard and he stopped barking, so I continued on up the hill. Two or three pedal revolutions later and I feel the bite on my left calf. He came out into the street and didn't utter a sound as he chomped down on me. Boy, was I surprised. I filed a police report and I'm waiting to hear from the dog officer.

NBW New Bedford/Plymouth Ride

As I rode underneath these wires you could hear the buzzing real loud.

I took a breather in Plymouth here.

My brother Dave sold this shop last year.

I've been wanting to do this ride for awhile and finally got the chance yesterday. Big mistake. Not thinking about it being July4th weekend, the traffic was heavy in a few spots with lots of speeders out there. Other than that, the ride was nice with a few familiar roads. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got my first dog bite riding my bike. I was on Perry Hill rd in Acushnet when it happened. I'm waiting for a report from the dog officer.

Cookout At My Son's House

Tom grilling away.
Cooper, Andy & Brooke.

A proud son with his new house.

Tom & Mellisa.

This is a new walkway Tom just had installed.

Some of the landscaping Tom's been doing. Looks great.

My son Thomas had some friends over July 3rd for a cookout and some fireworks later. Barbara and I couldn't stay late so Tom set off a few before we had to leave. Check out the video of Tom with a roman candle.