Friday, November 21, 2008

Rapid Response Time, Jet Powered Ambulance

If you ever want to try something totally different. Get yourself up to New England Dragway when their having a Jet Car Show. It will blow you're mind and ears. Click on the link and enjoy.

Bike Journal

Bike Journal is almost back up and running at full speed. It's been over two weeks since it crashed from an attack on it's data base. I'd be lost without this web site.

Patriots vs Dolphins

Big divisional game this Sunday. At least it's not blacked out in RI. like the Thursday night game was( damn Cox cable). I may miss some of the first half, I'll be on the weekly club bike ride.

Thursday Night EBBP Ride Review

Eight of us showed up last night to enjoy the cold winter temps. The path was in great shape, with only some leaves to deal with and no slippery spots. We broke up into three groups as the ride progressed and four of us went for food after the ride. The temp was 32 degree's at the start and finish.