Monday, November 10, 2008

Providence bicycle access ride.

This ride took place on 11/1/08. I came up with the idea, to check out the new bike lane on Blackstone Blvd,the new India Point Park bridge and the Woonasquatucket River Greenway. So Barbara and I headed out from her house in Rehoboth, Saturday morning at 9:00am. It was a little cool and we ended up dressing with too many layers on, which we shed as the day went on. We rode over the Henderson bridge and headed to the blvd. The cars seemed to be obeying the lines painted on the road, they had a real issue back a month ago, when they first painted them. We next headed over to the new bridge leading to India Point, it was beautiful. Very well thought out and easy to maneuver the bike up and down the ramps. The sad thing was the graffiti assholes have already been out spray painting their Tags all over the place. We next headed over to Waterplace Park and then underneath the mall to get on the Greenway. The stripes on the roads are worn off in a lot of sections but signage was pretty good. The new sections were nice, they were off road and scenic in most areas. We stopped for lunch at the mid point in our ride and headed back home. Distance turned out to be 33 miles.

Why I love my Brooks saddle.

This is an attempt to start rewriting my lost posts. After years of using a number of seats with and without gel inserts, I have had it. I was tired of having a sore butt after 30 miles and having to take a day off the bike before it felt better. A lot of my club friends told me to try a Brooks but I was hesitant because I had heard they weigh too much and take forever to break in. Well was I in for a pleasant surprise, I bought a B17 and it didn't weigh that much more than my seat with the gel insert. I installed it on my bike and hopped on, I immediately new I made the right choice. It felt great sitting on it and still feels great after 400 plus miles on it. Do yourself and you're butt a favor, get a Brooks.

Tom & Pat's Half Century

There were two men in this field hunting with their dogs.

This is an NBW (Narragansett Bay Wheelmen) ride. John S. and I decided to start the ride around 7:30, I think we got going about 7:45. It was a beautiful day and it's always great to ride with John. It was a scenic ride, but hilly, after 49 miles we were feeling it in our legs.


I've reluctantly decided to start a blog on this site after losing all my blog postings on another site( I will try and rewrite my postings from the previous two months, that I lost on that site, as time allows. Thanks and enjoy.