Thursday, April 30, 2009

Very Tall Guy

Tiffany is the second from the left.
Barbara's daughter Tiffany and two of her soccer teammates got to have their picture taken with Patrick O'Bryant the other day at Brandeis. He was up there visiting a friend when they spotted him. He played with the Celtic's last year and now is with the Raptor's.

Springtime Rehoboth Ride

I got in a quick 14.5 mile ride after work yesterday afternoon. Flowers are blooming and the grass is turning green everywhere. Springtime is upon us.

NBW Great Grandma's Ride

You would think with a ride title of great grandma's ride that the ride would be easy, WRONG! This was a very hilly ride that had John waiting for me a bunch of times. I had to stop half way up Burlingame rd to give my legs a break. I tried a mount I made up for my camera to take video's as I'm riding and they came out great but upside down. For some reason the camera won't let me rotate the image so I haven't posted them. If I figure it out I'll post them later. We ended up with 51 miles for the day in 90 degree heat.