Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiffany Heads Back To Brandeis

Entering campus.
Tiffany's dorm this year.

Lots of construction going on around campus.

A proud mom taking a break.

Tiffany arranging her closet.

Barbara and I helped Tiffany move back to Brandeis yesterday morning. We got her all moved in with and hour to spare before she had to report for her first day of soccer camp. This is Tiffany's junior year, so it's getting easier to accomplish this move, now that we're pros at it. We were spared this year, her dorm had an elevator so it saved us from walking up and down tons of stairs. The first day is always a relief when it's over for Tiffany, she carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders being a starting forward on the soccer team. Now she has three a days to look forward to for the next ten days, NOT!