Monday, June 8, 2009

NBW Plymouth Century

Some of the many hero's that gave their lives.

Doing the rollers going through Myles Standish Park on the return.

Who's that guy?

Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall.

Ted Shwartz dressed cozy for the cool temps.

John Satterlee, my riding partner.

On of the beautiful roads on this ride.

This ride is one of my favorites and I always try and do it at least once a year. It was rained out in May so John and I had made plans to do it Sunday, instead of the clubs scheduled ride. I got an email earlier in the week from Ted Shwartz, another club member, wanting to know if I was interested in doing it Saturday. Talk about a being on the same wave length. I told him John and I were planning on doing it Sunday, but I would check with him to see if Saturday would work instead. It did and we were off at 6:45 Saturday morning. The rain had moved out earlier in the morning, but the cool cloudy weather stayed with us most of the day. An added surprise when we got to Plymouth was the Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall, it was set up and on display. I ended up with 102.5 miles for the day, a great ride with great friends.