Friday, July 10, 2009

NHRA Full Throttle Series

Today in Denver is the next race in the Full Throttle series. Qualifying for the Pro classes start today and the eliminations are Sunday. Check it out on ESPN2 this weekend.

First Ride Since Dog Bite

Broad St.

Danforth St.

Prospect St.

I went for a short ride after work yesterday,I wanted to see how my leg felt after the dog bite. It was a little stiff and still pretty sore, but it's coming along. I heard back from the dog officer, the dog was up to date with his Rabies shots and this was the first time the dog was involved in biting a person. They fined the family $50.00 and the dog was still quarantined for ten days to make sure there were no problems. They had an electric fence buried in the yard but the battery for the dogs collar was dead so that's how the dog got into the street. Still no excuse for biting me but shit happens.