Monday, August 3, 2009

South Coast Century

Our last real stop before we headed back inland.

Beaches galore on this ride.

One of the few private ways we used.
Nice beach house.
This is the new or old Ocean House Hotel getting rebuilt.

Yeah, thats me.
Looks a little rough for a kayak to me.
Check out these houses.
Watch Hill Lighthouse.
I wonder how the fishing is here?
There was a lot of new pavement at the early part of the ride.

This is a ride that John has been working on for a while. We did some sections of it last year and decided to do the whole ride yesterday. Eventually he will send it to our club for approval and hopefully it will get put on the riding schedule in a year or so.It still needs some tweaking, but all in all, it's a beautiful flat century that can be used in early spring before the more difficult ones later.