Monday, March 9, 2009

Day Light Savings

Now I can look forward to longer rides after work and warmer temps. Time to ramp up my miles.

NBW Dartmouth Ride

Fellow club members getting ready to ride.

There always seems to be an ice cream shop on our rides.

I knew I was pushing it, trying to ride three days in a row, this early in the year. But I couldn't pass up on another 60 degree day and went for it. I knew I was in trouble when 5 miles into the ride my legs were hurting. So I decided I would do the short loop, 18 miles. I got back to the start right before the club was about to start and my computer showed 23.5 miles. I thought I rode further than 18 miles.

NBW Scramble Metric Short Loop

Yummy, ice cream.

Saturday's temps got into the 60's and I got a great ride in with no coat on. I modified the short loop of an NBW ride and got 24 miles in.

After Work Loop

Bike path all clear here.
Ten Mile River Bike Path, almost all clear.


The weather finally cooperated Friday and I was able to get a short ride in. The weather is starting to warm up and I ended up with 18 miles.