Monday, October 12, 2009

NBW Diamond Hill Two Ride

Diamond Hill Reservoir.

I was taking a break at mile 23 when the first bunch caught up to me. I started an hour early.

This was a very hilly ride. It started of in the low forty's and slowly warmed up as the day went on. The wind really picked up later too. I found it tuff going from about mile 5 on, the pain has come back in my quads again after being absent the last 5 or so rides. I also found myself bonking very easily because of the diet I'm on. I managed to get through the day and ended up with 48.5 miles.

Rochester Nips Brandeis 1-0

We new this was going to be a tuff game, Rochester is ranked 23rd nationally. They got a goal early in the game but then Brandeis did a great job the rest of the way, they just couldn't get one in the net. Click on the link to read about it.

Providence Cyclocross Festival

The finish line.

This was the start for the 55 year old age group.

This was the start for the 45 year old age group.

There was also a Cyclocross race going on too at Roger Williams Park. So I checked that out while I was there Saturday.

Interbike Expo

Saturday morning I went over to Roger Williams Park to check out the Interbike Expo. There were quite a few displays of new bikes and other assorted bicycling related goodies there to check out.