Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brandeis Beats Nazerath

Bella all tuckered out.

Tiffany waiting for a corner kick.

Brandeis beat Nazareth Sunday 3-1. Tiffany was involved in all three goals, ending up with one goal and two assists for the day. Click on the link and read about the game. http://www.brandeisjudges.com/sports/fall/wsoc/2009-10/news/nazareth

CT Coastal Ride

This was a nice rest stop for us.
Fort Trumbell in New London.

The Coast Guard academy ship.

Downtown New London.

A view from the top of the bridge on RT95.

Boardwalk in New London.

Here we are going over the Thames river on RT 95.

The sub museum next to the Navy base.

This was one of the many inland water views.

John and I rode this ride Saturday. He came up with the route and it took us to a lot of historic places and some nice coastal views. The only problem I have with riding in CT is when you're going East to West or vice versa, you end up hitting a lot of ridge lines and the climbing adds up fast. My legs were feeling it at the end of the day with 70 plus miles on them. A great ride and the weather was perfect.