Thursday, October 29, 2009

NHRA Full Throttle Series

This weeks race is in Las Vegas and qualifying starts today. Check it out on ESPN2 this weekend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

NBW Casters Ride

The roads were covered with leaves and branches from the storm.

Start of the path on RT 1.

Rotary at the end of the path.

Here the path runs along side our ride.

The path ended here.

The path continues on the other side of a gate to the beach.

Entrance to Goddard Park.

25 mile rest stop.

Path washed out from storm, preventing me from getting to beach.

I decided to start this ride from my house and join the ride on Division st. The roads were covered with crap from the storm Saturday night and it made it difficult finding the NBW arrows for the ride. Thank god they were lime green so the stood out most of the time, I only missed a couple and realized it quickly when I looked at the map. I also decided to check out the new bike path in Quonset, it ran parallel to the ride for a while. I ended up with 33 miles for the day.

Salem Visit

On our way back from ME. Friday, Barbara wanted to visit Salem and check out the happenings. It was my first time there and it wasn't bad. There were plenty of things to do and see, check it out during the Halloween season if you get a chance.

Brandeis Loses Heartbreaker To Bowdoin In OT

Start of first half.

Pre game warmup.

Barbara and I drove up to Brunswick ME. Thursday to watch this game. Unfortunately Brandeis lost in double overtime 1-0. This game had a ton of action with both sides playing their asses off, it was none stop from the start. Tiffany had three shots on goal that looked like they were fired from a cannon, but the Bowdoin goalie made great saves on all of them. Click on the link to read all about it.

Quick Rehoboth Loop

My legs were sore from riding three days in a row so I took it easy and only rode 12 miles last Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rehoboth/Attleboro Loop

Leaving Attleboro center.

Just entering Attleboro center.

More new pavement on RT 118.

Going by LaSalette, I love Xmas time.

Some of the NBW Plymouth Century arrows on RT 118.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to stretch out my ride a little. I was also in the mood for traffic (I know a little weird) so I decided to stay on the main drags and go through Attleboro center. I took RT 152 up to Attleboro, a really flat ride except for the two railroad overpasses. I got into the center of town right about the start of rush hour so it was pretty packed with cars, having the bike allowed me to zip right through with no waiting. I took RT 118 back which was also flat and ended up the day with 21 miles and a mph average 2 higher than my normal speed. Now that's flat.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

South Rehoboth Loop

Falling leaves everywhere now.

A newly paved Peckham st.

A newly paved Providence st.

A lot of nice views around town.

One of the local golf courses.

I decided to head south again for my after work ride. It was quite a bit cooler out so I wore a vest also. There seems to be a lot of newly paved roads around the area, always a good thing for bicycle riders. My legs were still pretty sore from Saturdays ride so I tried to spin as much as possible. I ended the day with 18 miles.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Brandeis Beats Emory 4-2

The Judges flew down to Atlanta Saturday for a Sunday game against Emory University. They won 4-2 and Tiffany scored the first goal. Click on the link to read all about the game.

NBW Lincold/Cumberland Ride

Lincoln Woods entrance.
My daughter Jennifer got married here, Kirkbrae Country club.

Northern part of the path.

Diamond Hill reservoir.

Southern part of the path.

The boardwalk at the southern end of the path.

RT 295 rest stop. The bike path entrance is to the right around back.

Blue Heron.

John and I decided to do this ride Saturday because Sunday was going to be a washout. We started from the RT 295 rest stop so we could take in the Blackstone River bike path too. We rode the southern part of the path and then joined up with the ride at the Martin street bridge. We did the northern part of the ride and then hooked back up with the bike path in Manville so John could get back to his car by 12:00, he had prior commitments to make. I rode back to Manville and hooked back up with the ride and finished it. It was a very hilly ride, especially after I took a wrong turn and rode up Breakneck Hill road, 8% grade! I ended up with 59 miles for the day.