Monday, November 19, 2012

Marconi Beach Ride

I always look forward to driving down to the Cape, to visit my son Thomas. It usually means I get a nice bike ride in, in the morning, then I head to Tom's house for football,beer and pizza.

Sunday morning, I started on the bike path in Dennis and headed out to Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. It's a national park and it's right on the bike path. It was also the longest distance I've ever rode on a bike path, 43 miles,round trip.

As you can see in the pictures, the views were fantastic. I can just imagine how crowded it gets here in the warmer weather. Today there were only a few of us, enjoying the sites.

I only took pictures on the return leg of the bike path, this section, I've never been on before.

There are two other State parks on this path, the perfect solution for a path with a destination. Not just a path leading to nowhere.

Marconi Beach Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details