Sunday, August 4, 2013

NBW Plymouth Century

NBW Plymouth Century by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

No, I didn't do a century. My plan today, was to scout out a new loop that fell in between the 22 mile loop and the 54 mile loop of this ride. Maybe in the 40 mile range. I started the ride from Barbara's house and joined up with the actual ride on Tremont st. I followed the ride until the left hand turn on White st, off of RT 104. I stayed straight on RT 104 and started my adventure.

The new loop started off great as you can see by the pictures, but I took a couple of wrong turns because of a lack of street signs in this area. It was no problem though, my GPS got me right back on track, quick enough.

Now I'm on the south side of RT44 and entering an industrial area. This is where the problem arose. 

Before I knew it, my nice paved road became this haven for ATV's. I rode some but walked most of it because it was deep sand in a lot of places.

Now I'm back on the club ride and these are some of the riders that did the century.

I took a break at the top of this hill and watched our riders chug up it.