Monday, August 2, 2010

NBW Westerly/Watch Hill Ride

John got behind a little touching up some arrows.

The perfect rest stop.
Pee break.

Did I mention this was a hilly ride?

Our club webmaster,Monica.
It was the perfect day for a long,hilly ride. We had temps in the 70's with low humidity and sunny skies. John joined me for the first 37 miles then headed home. I decided to cut off the Watch Hill section of the ride because I've been there 3 times this year already. So I took RT1A down to RT1 and hooked back up with the ride. Rt1A was nice,it had a wide shoulder and newly paved for most of it.John arrowed this ride and had to come up with some detours around road construction, an excellent job as usual.My GPS battery went dead around mile 43 so I don't have any info on the ride,other than I ended up with a little over 64 miles.