Monday, November 16, 2009


Tiffany had another great year playing soccer for Brandeis. She ended the season with 9 goals, 6 assists and tied for the team lead in points with 24.She led the UAA Conference only games with 25 shots and led the whole UAA Conference with 81 shots. She also earned UAA Offensive Athlete of the week. She played her heart out and gave 110% as always in the playoffs, despite having a nasty cold throughout them. She did all this and still maintained her excellent honor grades in all her classes. Tiffany's quite the young lady. Click on the link and check out her stats for 2007 and 2008.

Keene Beats Brandeis In PK's

This was one hell of a game. You hate to see a game like this go to PK's, but after two overtimes you have no choice. Our Judges gave it their all, but you could see that they weren't up to their usual caliber of play after being worn down from the game the day before. Click on the link and read all about it.

Brandeis Moves On To The Finals

Where the track meets the field, the water was 4 inches deep in sections.

This says it all, a totally flooded field.

These guys didn't stop the whole game.

I can't believe this game was played Saturday. The field was flooded throughout the whole game from the torrential down pours. Brandeis won it on PK's after they tied it up with 5 minutes to go in the game. Two scoreless overtimes later and it was going to be decided on PK's. Click on the link and read all about it.