Monday, February 9, 2009

John's Frozen Seat Post

Brand new Brooks B17, pure comfort.
Seat tube after honing.

The bastard is finally out.

Almost there.

Soaking away and praying it works.

I've been promising John, I would take a look at his Lemond, that has a frozen seat post. He bought a new Brooks B17 saddle and we knew we would have to change the height of the post to compensate for the new Brooks. I brought the bike home, mounted it in my work stand and examined it. Sure enough, I could see rust from the steel frame and decided to give it a try at moving it. No way, frozen solid. I sprayed the post clamp area with P B Blaster for four days and finally got it to move. It took two more days of soaking it, before I was able to remove it completely. I honed the inside of the seat tube, to clean out the rust and corrosion and cleaned up the seat post also. Good as new.

NBW Taunton River Ride

It was a balmy 50 degree's for yesterdays ride. The sun played peekaboo and it even sprinkled for a couple of the 21 miles near the end of the ride. The best part of the ride and the most scenic was along the Taunton river.