Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Night Ride

Today was a great day for a ride and  I decided to check out another road this town just ruined for a while. For some strange reason a road will get paved and then within six months they will have it chip sealed. Why I ask.

This picture above is the latest one they did. Granted, it was in pretty bad shape until they paved it and it turned out beautiful, but then they chip sealed it. For those of you who don't know what chip seal is, I'll explain. It's a gravel stone and asphalt base layer.

First they spray asphalt on the road, then spread a layer of stone on it. It remains like that for a month or so until all the vehicle traffic packs the stone. while it's in this state, it sucks to ride on because the rolling resistance is so high. Eventually they come back and sweep up the loose stone and their done. It can take up to a year for the road to smooth out, depending on how much traffic it gets. SUCKS BIG TIME!

Wednesday Night Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

Want It Wednesday,Garmin Topo 24K Cards

Anybody familiar with the Garmin Edge 605,705 and 800, knows all about the micro map cards they use. The City Navigator card is nice, but the Topo 24K cards are really sweet, when you want to see lines of elevation and other topo features. The problem is, they can only fit so much info on each card, so if you want to have topo coverage of the U.S. you need 12 cards. You can see that on the first picture.

This is the case that comes with each map card you want. Now I can be pretty anal about little things like this and thought there had to be a better way of storing groups of these map cards in one case.

Low and behold, I found this little gem on Ebay. It's the same size as the above case holding one map card and adapter, but it holds six map cards along with two adapters. Now I only need two cases,not twelve cases, to hold all twelve cards. Granted, I'll probably never need all twelve cards, but I already have four that cover East of the Mississippi.Don't forget to check out Jez Andrews Blog here.