Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday's RBL Wiffleball Game

The outfield fence.

The sun played peekaboo all day. Here the girls try and catch some rays.

Chris was finally able to walk a little at the end of the day, barely.

Official RBL photographer Cheuk waiting for Ralph to swing.

Thomas at the plate.

Kevin at the plate.

Waiting for the next game, Dave and Ralph.

Tom prepares to pitch to Dave.

Tom and Kevin, eventual winners.

In the first game Chris strained his hamstring and was out the rest of the day.

Doug is on first while Chris winds up.

Steve was on a tare in the first game and had a chance to break my son's homerun record.

We all enjoyed another great RBL tournament Saturday. It lasted about 7 hours with four games played. My son Thomas's new team, the Fucking Rock Stars won.