Monday, September 10, 2012

Milford CT. to Branford CT. Ride

John & I decided to do another CT. train ride today. We drove to the Old Saybrook train station and loaded our bikes for the trip to New Haven,where we swapped trains for the last leg to Milford.

We hopped on this train for the leg to Milford, then we were on our bikes for our journey.We weren't a 100% sure which way to snake our way along the coast, but that made it more fun.

We soon found these huge arrows painted on the road and signs on poles that had the letters FOS on them. We soon found out that FOS stood for Friends On Spokes and we were on their ride!

We followed these arrows up to New Haven, which made our ride easier to navigate.As you can see, we hugged the coast for quite a while,enjoying the scenery.

Because it was a work day the beaches were empty for the most part, plus there was a stiff east wind, that made it chilly.

We soon left the coast and found ourselves winding our way through New Haven.

A local told us about this path, that saved us some miles and you'd swear,you weren't in the city.

Back on the main roads and over this bridge brought us onto more friendly roads.

By this time John & I were feeling the 64 mile ride we did Saturday and decided to call it quits. But there was one problem, we had to hammer in order to make the next train, or we would have to wait two hours for the next one.

We made it with about five minutes to spare!
Milford CT. to Branford CT. Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details