Monday, September 21, 2009

Brandeis Beats Clark 5-1

What a great day for a soccer game yesterday. After a slow first half, Brandeis cranked it up and hammered Clark. Tiffany scored the game winning goal and also had two assists. The battery in my camera went dead so I didn't get many photos. Click on the link and read all about the game.

NBW Scramble Metric

This is a great place to go camping.

Are horses supposed to go with the flow of traffic?

I decided to do this ride Saturday because Tiffany had a soccer game Sunday. I started from Barbara's house so it wasn't a true metric. I've been having trouble with my quads really hurting when I'm climbing or really pushing my pace for the last six months or so. It's been getting really bad lately. John had mentioned the other day that it might be my BP Meds I take and that got me thinking, I changed to generic ones last year and did have issues the end of the year with my legs. Today was really cool out so I went with knickers and long sleeve jersey for the ride and guess what? No leg pain, other than the usual after riding 60 miles. How could that be? Maybe my bibshorts are too tight around the leg grippers restricting blood flow? Maybe just a coincidence? Stay tuned to see if that's it.