This page will expain some of the cars that compete in NHRA drag racing.

Fuel Funny Car

Top Fuel Dragster

This link will explain how a Top Fuel dragster works and most of the info is the same in a Fuel Funny Car. http://www.nhra.com/story/2012/7/10/grubnic-car-driver/

Checking out the pits.

This link will tell you all about you're time at the race.

Jack Beckman

Todd Lesenko
When Things Go Wrong! Here's what happened when Beckmans engine decided to hand grenade. Click on this link.  http://youtu.be/nYuECwC48A8 
Todd Lesenko got into the the act too. http://youtu.be/4gakKYv3Rkg
Antron Brown's crash in Pomona. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=xMwp1aLcJuY

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