Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Patriot's Must Win

After a total meltdown in the second half and getting smoked by the Steeler's, the Patriot's find themselves in a must win situation for the remainder of the season. One more loss will spell doom for any playoff hopes.

Have We Got A Deal For You

When I got back from my ride last night, Tim's new truck was in the driveway. If you read my post from a week ago, Tim was going to wait until the rebates got bigger on the 2009 models. Last week he went down to Bristol County Dodge, the same place where I bought my car. They gave him a deal on a brand new 2008 he couldn't refuse. These pictures aren't that good, it was getting dark out. I'll post more once I get some daylight ones.

Water View Ride

Look real hard, do you see the two dear?

I got out of work early yesterday so I knew I could get a short ride in before it got too dark out. We had quite a bit of rain the previous day so I thought I may be able to get some good pictures of the streams around town. I also happened to spot a couple of deer down a dirt road, you have to look real close to spot them in the picture, it was getting dark out. I ended up with 17 miles for the night.