My Brooks

Why do I love my Brooks Saddle? For years I put up with other manufactures seats and suffered. I could never ride two days in a row and I would start feeling uncomfortable when distances reached thirty miles. I noticed many of my club friends were using Brooks saddles, but always thought they were too old school. Boy was I wrong! I finally decided to give a Brooks B17 a try and knew instantly when I sat on it that I had found saddle Nirvana. To this day, I kick myself in the ass for not trying one sooner.

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Anonymous said...

When the adjustor bolt broke on my B-17, was able to order a new one through Union Cycle and they reinstalled, which is a tricky operation. You have to be careful not to overstretch leather so it's pops through rivets. You don't give up on a saddle that's carried you for some 100,000 miles.