Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiffany's Career At Brandeis

 This is where Tiffany finished in Brandeis All-Time Rankings.
Total Assists Scored, 1st, with 29. New Brandeis Record.
Total Goals Scored, 6th, with 29.
Total Points Scored, 4th, with 87.

Season  Goals  Assists  Points  Shots
2007        4          9         17       51
2008        8          4         20       68
2009        9          6         24       81
2010        8         10        26      109
Totals      29        29        87      309

She led the UAA Conference this year in,
Total Shots, 109.
Shots per game, 5.19.
Total Assists,10.
Assists per game, .48.

ECAC Champions,2007,2008. ECAC runner up,2009.
NCAA's,2010, second round. First time in Brandeis history.

Not bad if you ask me. Oh and by the way, Tiffany's not just a great athlete,she's an honor student too.We're all very proud of Tiffany!

Brandeis Bows Out Of NCAA's

Williams knocked out Brandeis yesterday 6-0. It was a tuff game to watch, but Brandeis should be proud of their accomplishment this year. This was also Tiffany's last college game :( but she'll be moving on to bigger and better things in her life. She's had one hell of a career at Brandeis,more on that in a later post.