Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rehoboth/Slater Park Ride

It was a great day for a ride and it became even better when Barbara decided to join me. We rode out to Slater Park to do the Ten Mile River bike path. It was busy in some spots but not too busy. We headed back to the house to finish with 11 miles and then I headed out for another hour. There seems to be more dogs this year chasing me and one has been a real pain. Now I love dogs, I've had them all my life, but there's no excuse for a dog to Chase a bicyclist. Today I had some Halt spray on me and lo and behold I got to use it on that one dog that's been a pain. He came right at me full speed and I let him have it with the spray, it worked like a charm. The dog headed right for his yard and started wiping his face on the grass trying to get it off. We'll see if he learned his lesson next time I go by his house.