Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Overtime Eliminated

The company I work for, NES Rentals has cut out all overtime country wide , for the foreseeable future. It's a welcome move as far as I'm concerned, those 10 hour work days were getting old.

Amos House Fundraiser

This Sunday after our club ride, Patricia Lang will be hosting her party for Amos House. There will be lots of food and holiday spirit. Amos House is a great organization helping people and families in these hard times. It's the only organization I contribute to in Providence.

Slater Park Ride

Entrance to the park.

They have their own version of waterfire here during the summer.

Heading down the bike path.

I decided to take a ride over to Slater Park to see if they had their Christmas lights up, they didn't. They were still in the process of setting up the displays, this weekend they will be lit. I took the Ten Mile River Greenway back and ended up with 12 miles.