Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NBW Seekonk South Ride

There are still some farms left in Rehoboth.
Nice corn field.

Water view in Barrington.

Always a welcome sight on a ride

This was the worst climb of the day.

My first rest stop.

This park is right across the street from Bliss Icecream.

I had all the intentions of turning this into a century ride. I added two loops to it from two other NBW rides. The short loop of the Scramble Metric and the winter Barrington ride. I started at Barbara's house at 7:00 and did the first loop of the Scramble Metric, which turned out to be 19 miles. Then I joined up with the scheduled ride at Pine st & Water st. There were a few roads that I think I haven't rode on before, which was a nice surprise. I got to about mile 60 and it was time for the next split for the Barrington part of the ride. I started having doubts that the thunder storms were going to hold off, so I did a shorter loop and got back onto the regular ride. My thinking was that I could always add on extra miles at the end near Barbara's house if the rain held and I felt good. NOT! At mile 84 I was cooked and bailed into her driveway to call it the day. Oh well, next time.

Friday Rehoboth Loop

Summer st.
Pumpkin field.

Another beautiful day for a ride and I got 23 miles in. I headed south again and added a couple of additional roads.