Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NBW Scituate/Foster/Coventry Ride

John and I ended up cutting this ride short because of a complication. It seemed colder than the 33 degree's, especially with the cloudy skies.

This ride has some great water views, so we have a reason to stop and take a breather, from all the climbing.

There was still some snow to be found in some area's that don't get much sun.
NBW Scituate/Foster/Coventry Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday, December 21, 2012

New England Dragway Upgrades

Early Christmas Gift from New England Dragway

  Improvements for 2013 Racing Season and the Inaugural NHRA New England Nationals continue to move along. Here’s a quick update.
  Light poles along the left side of the track have been completely removed. Earlier this year we installed an additional four Musco lighting structures.
  New barriers have been installed down to eighth mile in the left lane and to the 330’ mark in the right lane.
Barriers around the water box, the starter’s area, and starting line tree protection have all been replaced with poured in place, color enhanced concrete. They are low enough to promote good viewing of the starting line area, yet are reinforced with rebar pinned into the ground to provide an extra measure of safety and equipment protection. Hats off to HG Construction for the design and build of these great looking barriers.
Transitional barriers from the new 30” barrier to the new 39” height requirement just before the 1000’ mark are in place.
  New scoreboard mounting structures have been installed farther out from the track. The scoreboards and sponsor signs will be moved in April.
  The motorcycle pit area across from the gas shack has had a new top coat of asphalt.
A small portion of the staging lanes has also been top coated to make entering the lanes easier for some of the professional teams in June. We are also planning to repave the existing staging lane entrance and road from the upper pit area.
  Some improvements including old barrier placement have been added to trackside motor home parking to enhance the overall look and marking of parking spots.
  The permitting process is moving along in positive direction for paving in the upper pit area. Conditional approval was granted in December. We’re also planning to landscape the area on the far side of the scales for pit parking during the National Event in June.
  Work continues on the top end run off area. Along with installing new gravel taller barriers are being installed. New steel, concrete filled poles are in place for the additional catch nets that will be installed early next year. Two additional light poles will provide enhanced lighting in that area, as well.
  Steel gates are in place at the first and second turnoff areas. Click on this link, to see all the photo's of the improvements.

Thursday Night Ride

I didn't have time to hook up with my Thursday night group tonight, had to get some stuff done. But I did still get a ride in after work and I finally took a video of this house at night. Heres the link.

Thursday Night Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday Night Ride

It's getting colder out and our group is getting fewer. Only three of us showed up tonight and we decided to do only 20 miles.

My legs are really feeling the cold and my average speed has dropped at least 3mph. I feel bad that I'm slowing down the other guys, but they don't seem to mind.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Night Ride

Decided to get a ride in tonight, there wasn't any wind, so the windchill factor didn't exist.

I was hoping this house would be all lit up when I went by, but it was still too light out. This house gets constant traffic at night. I'll do a short video of it one night, so you can check it out.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

NBW Touisset Tour

I've really slacked off on the riding the last few weeks, it's time to get back in gear. I did have to start today's ride two hours early and cut off 6 miles, so I could make the Post holiday party.

Early church goes hogging both parking lanes. Not much room for a bike and a car.

This hill coming up, wasn't as bad as I remember.

I got back, just as the club riders were leaving the parking lot.
NBW Touisset Tour by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details