Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cape Cod Ride

I took Friday off from work so I could do this ride and then head over to my son's house to watch the Patriots game that night. It turned out to be a perfect day to ride and a lot of other people thought so too, I could tell by how busy the bike paths were.

I started at the beginning of the bike path in South Dennis and headed east to Chatham. I had never been on this section of the path before,there were a lot of intersections crossing roads. I did a loop around town and then headed north on main roads, to get back to the bike path.

Once I was back on the path, I headed to Nickerson state park. I'd gone by it a bunch of times but I never rode through it. A lot of people go camping here and the best way to get around is by bicycle.

Lots of children were on bikes today, a welcome sight as long as their watching where their going.

After I left the park, I got back on the bike path and headed to Salt Pond/National Seashore Park. As you can see, the bike path connects you to to all kinds of places on the Cape.

The park also has a bike path going through it with some stunning views.

Usually when I come by here,it's full of people checking out the views.

Traffic was real busy in some area's,which is to be expected, it's tourist season.

Nice recumbent.

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