Monday, March 2, 2009

John's Arrowing

The club John and I belong to has a slogan for volunteering, it's called Get In Gear. John has always found the time to Get in Gear and has arrowed numerous rides for the club over the years. Unfortunately the last half dozen rides John has arrowed have been either snowed or rained out. Just like yesterdays ride. Hopefully that will change, we hate to see all that hard work go to waste.

Here We Go Again

Just when all the snow had melted and we thought springtime was only a short time away, we get hammered again with snow. It looks like we're going to get at least a foot of snow.

NBW John O'Neil's Ride

Acela high speed tracks.
This is the old RT1, it was the main route to take to Florida before they built RT95.

John and I decided to do this club ride Saturday because of two storms coming Sunday. John had also volunteered to arrow this ride so he had a chance to finish arrowing during our ride. It was in the low 40's during the ride but very windy in some area's that weren't buffered by tree's. We ended up with 34 miles for the day.