Monday, July 20, 2009

NBW Tri-State Century

This say's it all.

Rt 31 has a lot of fast down hills, I hit a new top speed of 48 mph on this road.

One of the ridge views in CT.

When I went by this apple orchard in the morning, I could smell the apples.

This was the ride from hell. It usually takes me about 10 miles for my legs to start feeling good for a ride. When a ride starts climbing before that I'm in trouble and that's what happened on this ride. By the time I had 10 miles under my belt my legs were shot and it took another 10 or so before they started feeling good again. It was a beautiful day with low humidity and warm, just the way I like it, uh huh, uh huh. Forget it, it's an old song. I always carry four water bottles with me on longer rides and this ride lacked the usual convenience stores, so I had to keep my eyes open when it was time to refill. I found a pizza shop at about mile 60 and bought two 16 oz bottles of water, figuring that would be enough for the rest of the ride, it wasn't. I ran out with 15 miles to go and no stores in site. That really sucked, all I could do was keep thinking of that cooler full of ice cold water back in my car. This ride had hills galore and I hit a new top speed of 48mph. I could have gone faster but the bike started shaking and I had to get on the brakes to slow it down. All in all, a very hilly hard ride, 100.5 miles and almost 12 hours to complete including rest stops.

Friday Rehoboth Loop

Ash st.
Fairfield st.

Start, finish.

I got in a little longer ride this Friday after work, 17 miles. It was humid and hot, but worth the ride.