Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wellesley Stuns Brandeis 2-1, Under The Lights.

A very pissed off Tiffany walking off after the loss.

The lone Brandeis goal on the scoreboard was Tiffany's.

I'm not going to be kind in this post, this game shouldn't have even been close. Going into this game Brandeis was 5-1-2 and Wellesley was 1-4-2. Brandeis should have smoked this team, instead they lose it in overtime. The only goal they got was Tiffany's team leading 5th in the first couple of minutes. The Judges totally dominated the first half of the game but couldn't get another one in the net, despite shot after shot on goal. Wellesley hung tough and pulled out the win. Click on the link and read all about the game.