Tuesday, January 6, 2009


With one day to spare, I reached my goal of 3000 miles on 12/30, I actually ended up with 3007. That's the most I've rode in one year since 2004.

Scituate Reservoir Club Ride

There's quite a view from this dam/causeway.

You can hear the noise from this waterfall, a 1/2 mile up the road.

I almost got blown over from the cross wind here.

This ride was snowed out back on 12/21, so I decided to do it on 12/30. I needed to get in at least 31 miles to reach my goal and this ride was 38 miles. The wind was pretty brutal at times and on a couple of down hills where I would normally be reaching 35 mph, I was barely doing 20 mph, because of the head wind. The reservoir that this ride goes around supplies most of the drinking water for RI.

East Providence Club Ride

One of the oldest still working carousels in the country.

I started my Sunday ride at 8:30, I wanted to get back in time for the football games. The ride wasn't arrowed when I started out and found myself stopping to read the map more often than usual. I was flagged down by a older man with a flat tire on his car, he didn't have his cell phone. I let him use mine to call his insurance company to get road service. I noticed on the longer loop that our club arrows starting appearing on the road and spotted our arrower a few times as I was riding the second loop. I don't know if he got the whole ride arrowed before the official start at 11:00. I ended up with 29 miles for the day.

Rehoboth Loop

Still some ice in the driveway.
My bicycle computer.

In my effort to reach my goal this year, I was able to get a ride in the day after Christmas. I saw two members of my bicycle club as I was finishing up my 23 mile loop.