Monday, April 20, 2009

RBL Season Opener

Kevin Haslam at bat.

Sean Macdonald prepares to swing.

Thomas Ruo in official team attire.

Steve Young at bat.

Sean winds up.

Thomas pitching.

Opening Ceremony, Andy Bishop and Thomas.

Official league photographer, Cheuk Shian.

Brandi,Brooke,Andy(league statistician) and Jay.

Andy, Jay and my daughter Jennifer.

Saturday was the opening game of my son Thomas's wiffle ball league. It's held in my back yard and is always a good time. Here's a link to the leagues website.

PawSox Home Opener

Dennis, Bob, Tim and Tiffany.
The Army National Guard fire off a bunch of cannon shots.

Huge flag, I love it.

Time to play ball.

Fire and Police Dept. from all over southern MA. and RI. attended.

The Fire Dept. bag pipers were great.

Barbara's son Tim is in the middle.

Barbara standing, her father Dennis and daughter Tiffany.

Friday night Barbara had a bunch of free tickets for the game. It was the home opener and her son Tim is in the Fire Dept. Honor Guard that would be leading out the opening ceremonies. It was a pretty impressive ceremony and McCoy Stadium is a great place to watch a game.