Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cafe Tour

This is another one of my lost posts that took place on 10/25/08. The Cafe Tour is organized by Norm Clavet, an NBW member. It takes place every Saturday on the EBBP at 9:00am. The only variation to this ride compared to our Thursday night EBBP ride is they stop for coffee in Bristol.

Thursday Night EBBP Rides

This post is a past group of rides from 9/19/2008 to 10/31/2008. These too were lost on my other Blog. Now that our regular Thursday night rides are over we have shifted over to the East Bay Bike Path. This is an annual migration we do when it starts getting darker sooner. We usually take in Colt State park too and end up with 29 miles for the night. Then its off to get food and a bullshit session.


Bella is Tiffany's Pug, she's quite the dog. She goes everywhere with us and when we're going to visit Tiffany at school or watch her play soccer, Bella knows and gets very excited when we get close to our destination. She's a member of the family as you can see in the photo's.

Tiffany Pacheco

Tiffany is Barbara's daughter and she is in her sophomore year at Brandeis University. She is also a starting Forward on the women's soccer team. Last night we were in Waltham for the quarter finals of the ECAC tournament, Brandeis is the defending champs. They played ST.Joesph's College(CT.)and defeated them 4-0. This Saturday they play Emmanuel College in the semi finals.