Sunday, September 14, 2014

Coventry Bike Path Ride

Coventry Bike path Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

I decided to see how the construction was going on the newest section of the Coventry bike path today, instead of doing the club ride. I must say, it's going pretty well, but I don't think it will be done before winter arrives.

I was able to go around all of the gates warning that the path was closed and I had quite a few other riders doing the same thing.

Some sections are just waiting for the final top coat of pavement.

Other sections aren't paved at all yet, but graded, so the riding was easy going.

The trestle going over Johnson's Pond or Flat River Reservoir.

I've been waiting for years to be able to cross over the pond.

RT 117 below, our normal route when we're riding in this area. The bike path is so much nicer and flatter.

There were quite a few other bridges on the route, to my surprise.

This is a major crossing with a lot being built on the left. The stone dust trail is for horses and parallels the path.

Fabulous views along this new section.

Here's a better view of the horse trail on the right.

Here is where I decided to stop and head back, even though there was still a couple of miles to go.

I didn't want to climb down the embankment and cross that stream. It didn't stop other riders though, you can see the planks they put across the stream.

I talked to a rider that has been riding this new section for a couple of months, he said these footings were just poured this week. This is why I don't think the path will be done before winter arrives. Hopefully I'm wrong.