Monday, May 24, 2010

Additional Century Photo's

The fog covered the water at times in the morning.

There must have been 40 miles of ocean views.

This is a sandy road we had to ride on after the wooden bridge.

This was our first rest stop.

There were too many good photo's,so I added this extra post.

NBW South Shore Century

It took about 34 miles before the 8:00 riders starting catching up to us.

Porta john's are always a welcome sight.

Year round beach houses.

These are the bike paths in the state park we went through.

This is my favorite century and it was John's first time doing it. When we started at 6:30 it was cool out, so we wore jackets. Mine came off at the first rest stop, about 24 miles. it was a great ride and a couple of other rides were going on too, so the roads had a lot of bikers on them.

New Deck & Grill

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to cash in some of my credit card points and got this amazing Weber Summit S-420 grill. Of course we needed a place to put it, so I built a small extension off of Barbara's screened in porch. Can't wait to try out the grill this week.