Monday, August 31, 2009

NBW Cranberry Metric With Canal Extension

Road is still dry here in Lakeville.
John checking out the views.

Mattapoisett beach.

RT 6 in Marion.

We took a break here in Mattapoisett.

Entering Wareham on RT 6.

Onset beach.

The train bridge.

We're getting close to the canal, nasty rotary coming up and nasty road shoulder as you can see.

Bourne bridge.

Sagamore bridge.

Looking across the canal to the other side.

This is the end of the canal where we turned around.

Another veiw of the halfway point where we took a rest.

You can see the fog and mist blocking out the top of the smoke stack.

John and I decided to extend Sundays ride so we would get a century in. By piecing together a bunch of other NBW rides we came up with a loop that would take us down to the Cape Cod Canal and back to the ride. It was a flat ride the whole way but the weather really sucked. We rode into a lot of misty rain all day and we didn't see any sun until we got back to the start. We ended up with 102 miles for the day.

Last Scrimage Before Season Starts

Friday night we drove up to Endicott College to watch Tiffany and the rest of her Brandeis team play Endicott. Brandeis won 3-1 and Tiffany had one goal. The season starts Tuesday night and I can't wait.

Rehoboth Loop

Farm fresh crops and homemade jams here on Carpenter st.

I got in a short ride Thursday around Rehoboth. Totaled 15 miles.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Repeat of NBW Seekonk South Ride

One of the farms still left in Rehoboth.
The rain finally got me here in Somerset, I hid under a tree until it stopped.

I was watching these storm clouds all day.

This view comes right before the big climb of the day.

Sunflowers for sale.

A nice down hill on Pine st.

I decided to do this ride again last Saturday. It's close to Barbara's house and I had stuff to do after the ride. It was hot, humid and I had the threat of thunder storms during the ride. I got a little wet and ended up with 50 miles for the day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

NHRA Full Throttle Series

Starting today in Reading PA. is the first round of pro qualifying. Check it out on ESPN 2 this weekend.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiffany Heads Back To Brandeis

Entering campus.
Tiffany's dorm this year.

Lots of construction going on around campus.

A proud mom taking a break.

Tiffany arranging her closet.

Barbara and I helped Tiffany move back to Brandeis yesterday morning. We got her all moved in with and hour to spare before she had to report for her first day of soccer camp. This is Tiffany's junior year, so it's getting easier to accomplish this move, now that we're pros at it. We were spared this year, her dorm had an elevator so it saved us from walking up and down tons of stairs. The first day is always a relief when it's over for Tiffany, she carries a lot of responsibility on her shoulders being a starting forward on the soccer team. Now she has three a days to look forward to for the next ten days, NOT!

Monday, August 17, 2009

NBW Century Of The Century

Rows of corn in Clarks Falls.

Entering Mystic.

The center of Mystic near the draw bridge.

Leaving Mystic.

This stop was a lifesaver, seats and shade.

RT 138 back, mostly flat and downhill.

I did see a lot of traffic from the Washington County fair on the way back.

John and I must have been out of our minds trying to do this ride in mid 90 degree temps with high humidity. John rode to the start to meet me so he already had almost 20 miles on when we started. It was so humid out, that water droplets were falling off my mirror mounted on my helmet as we rode. We were soaked in moisture in no time and I was planning on doing the full century while John was going to split off on RT 49 and head home. The ride was very scenic and the new roads we used to bypass Foxwoods were excellent. After our last stop together in Pachaug on Rt 138 we both decided it was time to bail out on the ride. The last couple of hills did us in and we were spent. So we headed back on RT 138 until we came to the RT 49 split and took one last break together. While we were sitting on the sidewalk in shade I commented to John how crazy we are for even thinking to attempt this ride and we both cracked up laughing. We said our goodbyes and each of us took a different route back. I ended up with 80 miles for the day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MC SpandX, The Rappin' Roadie

I just got sent this by email, it's hilarious. Click on the link to check it out.

Next Stop On NHRA Schedule

This Friday is the first day of Pro qualifying in Brainerd Minnesota. Catch all the action on ESPN 2 this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NBW Seekonk South Ride

There are still some farms left in Rehoboth.
Nice corn field.

Water view in Barrington.

Always a welcome sight on a ride

This was the worst climb of the day.

My first rest stop.

This park is right across the street from Bliss Icecream.

I had all the intentions of turning this into a century ride. I added two loops to it from two other NBW rides. The short loop of the Scramble Metric and the winter Barrington ride. I started at Barbara's house at 7:00 and did the first loop of the Scramble Metric, which turned out to be 19 miles. Then I joined up with the scheduled ride at Pine st & Water st. There were a few roads that I think I haven't rode on before, which was a nice surprise. I got to about mile 60 and it was time for the next split for the Barrington part of the ride. I started having doubts that the thunder storms were going to hold off, so I did a shorter loop and got back onto the regular ride. My thinking was that I could always add on extra miles at the end near Barbara's house if the rain held and I felt good. NOT! At mile 84 I was cooked and bailed into her driveway to call it the day. Oh well, next time.