Friday, May 7, 2010

Rehoboth Loop

Pine st.
This road is still closed from the flood.

It's been another lean week riding,too many things to do. I finally got back on the bike tonight and it felt great. Sunday is another nasty,hilly club ride coming up. I'll feel those hills in my legs Monday,if not sooner.

It's Finished!

Dennis and his restored Z.
The interior is flawless.

There were a ton of cars to look at.

The RS on the tag stands for Rally Sport, which is another option the car had.

My best bud!

Nothing winds up as fast as a small block Chevy.

After two years of restoration Dennis's 1969 Z28 is finished. I have to say it is absolutely gorgeous and the people who restored it did an outstanding job. It also brought back a lot of great memories from the past, seeing it again. It drew a lot of attention at this car show at Patriot Place and a video interview with Dennis, about the car, will be on YouTube soon. When it's up. I'll attach the link to this post.