Monday, November 30, 2009

NBW Taunton/Sharon Ride Repeat

Christmas tree's for sale, the 25th will be here soon.
My second rest stop at 44 miles.

My first rest stop at 25 miles.

This is the biggest hill to climb on the ride, going over RT 495.

I decided to do this ride again yesterday. It's flat and a way to get some good miles in. I started from Barbara's house again at 9:00 and finished 2:00. I ended up with 59 miles for the day.

Thanksgiving At Tom & Brandi's

Brandi and her mom preparing our feast.
My son Thomas and my daughter Jennifer.

Brandi and her mom, Debbie.

Jason,Jennifer,Thomas,Brandi,Tom,Debbie and Mellisa.

Jason, Jennifer,Thomas,Debbie,myself and Brandi.

I drove down to Mashpee Thursday, to spend Thanksgiving with my son, daughter and some of their friends. We all had a great time and enjoyed plenty of great food.

So Long To More Tree's

It's a shame to see more lot's cleared for new homes. I knew this was coming but didn't expect it in this economy. They started clearing the tree's out behind my house last week to make room for a seven house development. Less tree's equal more global warming.