Monday, December 15, 2008

Westport/Dartmouth Sunday Club Ride

The morning started out sunny when I left the lot at 9:45. That only lasted about an hour before the clouds started moving in and I no longer had the rays of the sun keeping me comfortable. There were plenty of ice patches on the roads and I had to dismount once and walk around one patch that covered the whole road. I didn't feel good during this ride, I've had a leg bothering me for the last couple of weeks and I didn't seem to have any strength in my legs at all when climbing. It was a relatively flat ride but it still took me three hours to complete the 33 mile loop. Pitiful, I only averaged 11 mph.

Tiffany's Home,Trimming The Tree

Tiffany came home Friday night for semester break, she'll be home for almost a month. Saturday morning, Barbara and Tiffany went out and bought a Christmas tree, real of course, the only way to go. They then did an outstanding job decorating it later in the day.