Saturday, May 1, 2010

NBW Mystic Seaport Ride

These first three pictures are hills I climbing in the first few miles.

This is a very busy rotary because of the casino.

More road damage from the flood. This is on River road.

This group of girls went by me a couple of times on the ride.

Entering Mystic.

I got held up here for ten minutes while the bridge was up.

I wasn't looking forward to doing this ride,knowing how much climbing was going to be involved and all the busy, high speed roads. But I need miles and I had perfect weather. When I have to start climbing within the first couple of miles I know, I'll be in agony for a while.I was surprised that I did so well on the first three climbs and that continued until I was surprised by a bad hill just after the aquarium in Mystic on RT234. I made it up but was done for a while until my legs came back.This ride needs some tweaking to get off the busy roads heading towards Foxwoods and it would be a much better ride.Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I didn't turn the timer back on, on my GPS when I finished my break in Mystic. That's why the ride is messed up in Garmin Connect.