Saturday, August 20, 2011

India Point/Blackstone Ride

Blackstone Blvd.

Farmers Market.

Going through Pawtucket.

This is where Barbara works.

Finally on the bike path.

Our first rest stop.

End of bike path in Woonsocket.

India Park bridge over RT195.
 This was one of those rare days where John and I were able to get together for a ride. We decided to keep it easy and take in the Blackstone bike path via India Point park.We started in cloudy,humid weather at 8:00 from India Point and headed for the new sharrowed roads on the East Side of Providence. Our biggest obstacle was going to be the construction of the new Pawtucket bridge on RT95. We had to detour around all the construction going both ways. Then it was easy riding the rest of the way on the bike path. The skies opened up with rain,just as we were finishing the ride.
India Point/Blackstone Ride by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details