Sunday, July 10, 2011

NBW Myles Standish Ride

John with his brand new Bruins jersey.

The club peleton caught us at our first rest stop.

This was a closed road we explored.
Second break of the day.

 John and I had no interest in doing the long loop of this ride into Plymouth and back. So I came up with a loop to do in the park, that brought our mileage up to the 30 mile range,the 22 mile loop wasn't enough. It turned out to be 32 miles and we were happy to see the parking lot at the end of the ride. John's knee is still giving him problems, but he prevailed on the ride and did great.Please forgive the 3 links needed to view this ride,I had a major brain fart and kept setting the GPS wrong.
NBW Myles Standish Part 1 by paulmnbw at Garmin Connect - Details

   NBW Myles Standish Part 3
NBW Myles Standish Part 2